Trapped Miners

Portable trapped miner detection system.

Rapid deployment for the instant indication of potential survivors.

Detects trapped miner pounding to 800M (2,000ft).

User-friendly system ready for deployment.

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Mine Monitor; Trapped Miner Detection; Micro Seismic Monitor; TSF Monitoring; Mine Stability Monitoring

Mine Monitoring- Surface

Live 3D image of stress and movement within the side wall structure.

Bore holes not normally required.

Detection of up to 1km from each sensor.

“Sees through” mine and surface noise.

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Mine Monitoring- Underground

Sees into the mine showing internal information.

Visual indication using your 3D mine model.

Detects moving liquids in real time.

Detects micro seismic energy release before physical movement observed.

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Area Alert system; Tunnel detection system

Tunnel Detection

Tunnel detection and location up to 1km.

Detects tunnel creation and use.

Unaffected by surface activity.

Portable, results often within an hour.

Expandable to cover any length of border with integration to existing systems.

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Area Alert system; Tunnel detection system

Perimeter Intrusion

Detect and track moving persons or vehicles.

One system can cover up to 12 sq km.

Rapid deployment and integration with CCTV.

Live image showing track history.

Easy to create virtual safe zones to enable alarms via email, text or audio in a security centre.

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Noise and Vibration Monitoring

Award winning compliance monitors.

Proof of compliance with contract conditions.

Noise, vibration or simultaneous monitoring.

Lightweight and portable.

Fast and accurate live data to your phone or monitor.

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Key Features

What does SureWave Technology do?

Our technology “listens” for, and can selectively detect and identify, microseismic signals generated either on the surface or deep in the subterranean.

How does it work?

It involves the use of highly sensitive ground sensors which relay the micro-seismic signals to a CPU programmed with our unique software.

What makes it unique?

It is the ability of our software to filter out the majority of extraneous seismic signals which are of no importance (for instance traffic, construction, rivers etc) so that a specific, minute, microseismic signal can be identified, located and presented in a three dimensional real time display. The level of a particular signal may only be 1/100,000th or 1/1,000,000th of those emitted by the surrounding noise and vibration.

Who can benefit?

The potential applications of our technology are still far from being fully recognized, but immediate areas of application include: