SureWave Technology have been trading since 2011

  • SureWave Technology Founded
  • End of 2010 __

    SureWave Technology Ltd formed to exploit the IPR of Philip Shaw entrepreneur.
  • __ February 2011

    First Trapped Miners Tests- West Virginia USA
  • June 2011 __

    Map all water features at a deep potash mine UK
  • __ August 2011

    Tunnel Detection initial tests YPG USA
  • September 2011 __

    Emergency Call Out- Trapped Miners- Gleason SW UK
  • __ November 2011

    Final Tunnel detection tests YPG USA
  • December 2011 __

    Trapped Miner System automation tested USA
  • __ November 2012

    Trapped miner tests exceed 2000 feet – Black mountains USA
  • January 2013 __

    Tunnel Detection tests Israel
  • __ April 2013

    SP2 set up permanently at a UK open cast pit for slope monitoring
  • May 2013 __

    Area Alert system tests at a UK MOD site
  • __ June 2014

    Mine Monitoring System in use in QLD Australia
  • March 2015 __

    Trapped Miner test with QMRS – QLD Australia
  • __ June 2015

    Tests against a government systems USA
  • October 2015 __

    QLD system detected unknown aquafers
  • __ November 2015

    QLD coal seam stress monitoring in real time
  • February 2016 __

    SureWave Provide invaluable assistance to Indonesian rescue teams for trapped Miner and Mine monitoring
  • February 2020

    ___ When an incident occurs and people are trapped under ground, it is a well-accepted ---- fact that “time is of the essence”. Therefore it is essential a Trapped Miner detection system is available within 24 hours of any site at risk. South East Asia and Australia have suitable systems on site. It is essential that this network is expanded to cover the main mining regions or people’s lives may well be at risk.
  • Today

Our Story

Mr. Philip Shaw has spent the last 35 years in the business of developing electronic equipment and the software to run it.  Since 1985, he has been developing the hardware and software for micro-seismic systems for mine and incursion monitoring.  His first full scale system (SP1) was successfully implemented at a working coal mine in the UK in 1996.  Since that time, a lot has happened, please see our timeline for the exciting developments to date.