Mine Monitoring – Specifications

Side Wall Monitoring – Greater Productivity and Safety

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SP2 Model MM2

SP2 technology is able to ‘see through’ the noise from the mine or envirnment to detect and locate microseismic events to:

  • locate and display microseismic events and where possible include source parameters.
  • detect likelihood of: rock falls, tunnel collapse, proximity of cavities, side wall instability and tailing dam weaknesses.
SP2’s operational benefits include:
  • Sensor range up to 1KM, with large events up to 1km including depth – no bore holes are required.
  • protecting investment in mining operations, people and equipment
  • providing an accurate picture of seismic activity around the mine workings
SP2’s practical advantages include:
  • no requirement for fixed installation
  • protecting investment in mining operations, people and equipment
  • set-up and operational within few hours
  • meaningful data within one working day
  • geomechanical parameters derived from minimal recorded data
SP2’s key features:
  • multi channel seismic inputs
  • compatible with a range of existing transducers
  • wide dynamic range (138 dB freq. ½ Hz to 1KHz)
  • 32 bit effective ADC resolution down to 216 nanovolts at input
  • advanced signal correlation techniques
  • stable Windows platform, with full or embedded versions
  • touch screen technology
  • powerful user interface